AKC Registered Males & Females (Limited): Creams $2750 Reds $2500

AKC Registered Males & Females (Unlimited): Creams $3250 Reds $3000

A deposit of $500 reserves your future puppy and goes toward the overall purchase price. 

Our deposits are NON- refundable. Please ask us as many questions you can think of, visit us on facebook, you can reach out to other buyers, but please note that once your deposit is made we are reserving a puppy for you and turning down others that would have wanted that puppy. If we don't have a puppy once born for you from a given litter you will have the option to move the deposit to another litter we have, or a future litter, or refund at that time.


 Temperature controlled shipping is available in the Continental US for additional cost. We ship via Delta or United the cost is $575 it covers the Vet Health Certificate to fly, Carrier, Carrier pad, Food Dish, and Flight. We don't charge for our time or any other incidentals. - May not be an option due to Covid.

We also can fly your puppy to your nearest major airport as well. We charge $600 for this service. This covers our time, Vet Health Certificated to fly, our roundtrip flight and any other incidentals needed to fly your sweet puppy. We keep the puppy with us the entire time and is checked in as "carry on" as we board the flight. Once we arrive at your airport you would meet as the passenger's arrival for the airline, and we then handoff your puppy directly to you.

 To select your future puppy is very easy and we will walk you through the process each step of the way. ​If you have chosen a desired litter and placed a deposit for a pup, we will send you weekly-Bi weekly photos and/or videos via email, messenger, or cell. These videos and pictures will help you get to know the puppies and make a decision for your new puppy.

Depending on what order your deposit was received determines your picking order. Upon week 7 we reach out to all deposit holders in order and have you make a selection for a puppy. At 8 weeks old you can bring your puppy home. If you want to meet the puppies to make a selection we can always have you come here and select at 8 weeks in the order of deposit. We try to accommodate everyone in how they prefer to select.

Visiting our Home to meet puppies and parents is sometimes a big factor for many buyers. We do try to accommodate this as well. But realize this is very time consuming for our time to get puppies and parents ready for each visitation. Puppies ARE NOT the cute, fluffy, polar bears 100% of the time, but can get quite dirty after each feeding. So we do take the time to wash and dry each puppy for those visitations. Mom also is washed as she is a new mother and can be quite dirty from the process up to 5-6 weeks afterwards. So if you have not placed a deposit for a puppy and we don't feel as though you are dedicated to us as your breeder yet, or feel you are just shopping around we may decline .


For those whom have placed a deposit, we schedule visitations at 4-5 weeks as the puppies are growing well at that age and starting to move about. Any earlier the puppies are more vulnerable to sickness, and really just opened eyes and figuring out their new set of legs.

We also ask that you limit your visitation to only a few people if possible and NO other pets. Our puppies are NOT vaccinated and each visitation with people and pets exposes our puppies to possible infection or disease. Please be mindful of this and don't go visit a dog park, vet, or animal store hours before your arrival .

We know it's a significant decision and we're here to assist in any way we can.  Feel free to call or email us anytime with your questions or if you just want to see another photo of your desired puppies!