Maple Mountain English Creams & Field Goldens

Breeding Excellence in Golden Retrievers

At Maple Mountain we strive for the finest pedigrees in the world full of decorated achievements, as well as sound temperaments. Our Goldens have FULL health testing done prior to breeding. We test genetics, DNA of imported dogs, Hips, Elbows, Heart, Eyes, and Patella. We use early stimulation from birth until they are placed. We are currently using Puppy Culture for our program.


Our English Creams are bred with unmatched dedication and commitment in producing exceptional puppies that will become champions on their own, whether it be in show, or in your home. Striving for Healthy, happy, and well adjusted puppies!


New 2020 Red Field Goldens

In 2020 we welcomed to our home and farm 5 new puppies. Our new puppies in our Field line come from long lines of Champions in the sport arena. Many of the puppies parents earned Junior Hunter within their 1st year, and by 2 Master Hunter. We will start training these puppies and competing for JH this year. Stay tuned as these sweethearts compete, earn their titles, and complete their health testing's. Puppies to come in 2021!